Children of the Corn


The Slashers are back!  Gary Slasher – the madman of movie riffs and his wife Erin Slasher – the corpse of commentary.

Still bitter about not being accepted by the horror “in” crowd they have decided to take their revenge on Stephen King’sThe Children of the Corn, Hor-RIFF-ic Productions’ 2nd victim.

This film gets plowed, picked, shucked, cooked, eaten, and oddly enough, passed straight through their systems.  Yep, this movie certainly doesn’t skimp on the fertilizer.  Just a couple of things to consider when considering this one:

  • Never go to Nebraska.
  • Not buying this track is forbidden sayeth the Lord!
  • Seriously, never go to Nebraska.
  • Profaning and unbelieving, all the cool kids are doing it.
  • If you’re already in Nebraska….get out now!
  • You might start referring to perfect strangers as “OUTLANDER!”
  • Western Iowa, Northern Kansas, Northeast Colorado, just stay away from the whole Midwest in general just to be safe.

BONUS: Special guest star — Satan!

Be sure to pick up this latest installment by the Hor-RIFF-ic duo that’s here to slay.  We promise it’s going to be a bloodygood time.

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