Friday the 13th Part 4


Pack up the camper, Hor-RIFF-ic Productions is heading back to Crystal Lake!  Gary and Erin Slasher take down the much loathed 4th film in the franchise: Friday the 13th – The Final Chapter!

Four times the kills (that you’ve pretty much seen before), four times the action (hope you like windows breaking), and four times the suspense (will the opening montage ever end?)!

What’s in store for us in this ironically named installment?

  • Twins!
  • Plot Holes!
  • Dead F*cks!
  • Vintage Porn!
  • Canada and Love!
  • Cripsin Glover’s Dancing 101!

Plus: Corey Feldman’s Hair Care Tips!

So hurry and see the final chapter of the Friday the 13th series… you know, before things start to get silly.

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