Gary and Erin Slasher are asking themselves one question…do they feel lucky?  Well?  Turns out they’re not because they have to watch a height challenged, rhyme addicted, gold obsessed killer.

That’s right!  Hor-RIFF-ic Productions is taking on the Irish themed horror classic: Leprechaun!

This one is sure to put you off your breakfast cereal.  So what sort of pint-sized wicked whimsy can we expect from this mythical movie?

  • Goooold!
  • Tarantulas!
  • Child Labor!
  • Shoe Fetishists!
  • Pogo Sticks of Death!
  • Alcoholism!…ok that one was a given.

Plus: Jennifer Aniston’s nose! (Circa 1993)

Don’t be green with envy. Pick up the latest fan submission track from your favorite humorous henchmen.  Prepare yourself for a golden shower of hilarity….wait, that didn’t come out right.

Purchase at Rifftrax.com

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