Hor-RIFF-ic Productions rises from the dead yet again.  This time Gary and Erin have set their blood soaked sights on the spooky classic: Poltergeist!

Sure, it’s a critically acclaimed box office smash produced by Steven Spielberg, but you think that will stop the Slashers?  They can ks!

What did we find when we cleaned out this movie’s creepy closet?

  • Evil Clowns!
  • Steak Marathons!
  • Horrible Parenting!
  • Gravity Fluctuations!
  • Psychic Leprechauns!
  • Puff…Dope…Bud…Chronic!

Plus: Enough Star Wars toys to choke a Wookie!

So follow the lights (not that one!) to the newest fan submission track that’s guaranteed* to satisfy.  Now let’s clean house!  Don’t forget to rate and review-oooOOOooo.

*Guarantee valid only in alternate dimension filled with strawberry jam.

Purchase at Rifftrax.com

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