Friday the 13th Part 3


Again?!? Surely they didn’t make another one. Ok, if you say so, but it does seem like overkill.  Hor-RIFF-ic Productions is back for another installment of the famous horror franchise: Friday the 13th Part 3!

Gary, Erin, and Satan return to Crystal Lake looking some merry mayhem. But with the same recycled deaths and lame attempts at 3D photography, this one is going to be painful!

What’s left to scrape from the bottom of this bloody barrel?

  • Phallic symbols!
  • Pregnancy…wait, what?!
  • Hay, straw, and…more hay!
  • Bowel movements…in 3-D!!!
  • Manners Enforcement Squad!
  • Harold – the worst man on Earth!

Plus: Random Hockey Equipment!

And guess what? You get an eyeball, and you get an eyeball, EVERYBODY GET’S AND EYEBALL!!!  Well, what are you waiting for? Go buy it already!

Please take the time to rate and comment, don’t be like Shelly.  Everybody hates Shelly.

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