The Stuff


Hungry?  Your pals Gary and Erin at Hor-RIFF-ic Productions have cooked up a tasty treat for their 10th victim: THE STUFF!

Never heard of this gaggingly bad MO-tion picture?  Well tuck in! You don’t know what you’ve been missing…

  • Spanking!
  • Abe Vigoda!
  • Communist plots!
  • Wild mayonnaise!
  • Folksy sayings at every turn!
  • Extremely effective advertising jingles!

Warning: This film has not been approved by the FDA for consumption by the general public.

So if you like your horror to be smooth, creamy, and delicious–this one’s for you. Dig in! But be careful, because enough is never enough.  Ok, technically it is but you get the point.

Purchase at

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